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Three Year Olds

A Classroom for Three Year Olds

The three’s classroom comes together each morning for circle time to enjoy music and movement and a welcome to our day. They engage in a print rich environment to emphasis basic phonics and numerical recognition/discrimination. The three’s class is always filled with developing girls and boys who are constantly learning and growing through work and play. Students thrive through behavior management and a strict routine making them confident in their daily activities. The class is sure to engage in language arts, fine/gross motor development skills, mathematics, and art as well as integrated social sciences.

Play and Learn!

Learning has to look fun. We poise our lessons in this manner continually using positive reinforcement often on a minute by minute basis. In this particular class students are extending the length of their table tasks and pen and paper traditional learning to ensure success through different methods of instruction. Using informal assessing students are instructed based on their differentiated learning styles.

To all current and prospective families: For more specific information regarding COVID-19 please reference the April newsletter, use the “Contact Us” tab, or email us at dawningpointowner@gmail.com or dp.schoolaactsmanager@gmail.com and specify the center location you are inquiring about. We hope that everyone stays healthy during this time!