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June Newsletter COVID-19

Dawning Point Learning Center in Stafford off Garrisonville Road as well as in Fredericksburg off Warrenton Road remains open for children of “Essential Personnel”.

There are various precautions we have put in place to ensure the health and safety of the staff and the children we continue to provide care for.

Current COVID-19 Guidelines include:

Group sizes will remain under 10.

Parent drop offs and pick-ups will be handled at the door.

Students are directed to handwashing immediately at drop off.

Students will be visually health inspected and temporal temperatures taken at the door.

Any symptoms of illness related to the coronavirus will be warrant for parent pickup

All surfaces will be sanitized at every meal/snack. Both classroom & meal staff initial off.

Handwashing should occur before AND after every meal/snack as well as throughout the day.

All the usual health & sanitation procedures will stay in place.


Contact Us Anytime!

Call or Email!
Stafford Center: 540-659-9227
Fredericksburg Center: 540-371-6510
Erin Lacey, Owner: dawningpointowner@gmail.com
Arianne Fortune, Owner: dp.schoolacctsmanager@gmail.com
Betsy Guanciale, Director: directordpstafford@gmail.com
Tionna Quinn, Director: directordpfred@gmail.com

There are limited spots available!

Due to the current COVID 19 guidelines we are unable to travel or swim. But do not despair! Dawning Point will be planning week by week to engage our school-age students with science experiments, arts & crafts, outdoor play, group games and summer bridge learning activities!


If you have not already-make sure your child’s change of clothes is weather appropriate as it gets warmer and PLEASE dress them in playground safe shoes.


If you happened to pick up your child’s curriculum workbooks or plan to and would like to know specifically how to use them- please email Ms. Lacey at dawningpointowner@gmail.com . Likewise, if you would like some specific suggestions for your kiddos at home-especially those moving on to Kindergarten-she is happy to help!

Teaching Themes


Students will be able to identify different methods of transportation, the ways in which they transport as well as different parts of these methods.  Students will classify transportation for land, water, and air.  Students will also discuss non-electric forms of transportation such as walking, biking, horse-riding.  Students will discuss the ways people get from place to place in different areas of the world and integrate these topics into various other subject areas.

Farm Life

Students explore the different aspects of life on a farm.  Students will be able to discuss what types of animals live on a farm and how farm life contributes to our everyday lives at our home.  Students will be able to discuss nearby farms here in Virginia.  Students will identify farm jobs, tools, and animals. 

Father’s Day

The week will be spent talking about our daddies.  We will learn about the few traditions around the world when it comes to celebrating our fathers.  Students will make crafts for their fathers and discuss their significance in their lives.  Students will also talk about daddy’s daddy- grandfathers!

Summer- Season, Olympic Games & Sun Safety

Students will learn about safety precautions for fun in the sun and discuss activities, clothing, and weather conditions that are associated with the sun’s rays.  Students will delve into the events that comprise the summer Olympic sports and even identify equipment used to compete in each event.  Students will also be able to identify specifics as they pertain to the summer: what we wear and what we do in this season.

Body Parts

Most of the Pre-K Programs are already familiar with the main body parts. During this thematic unit, students will engage in activities that will assist in learning the less familiar parts of the body. Students should learn the names of the parts, where they are located and what their function is. Such parts include but are not limited to elbows, ankles, chin, neck, thigh, knuckles, etc. Students should engage in picture vocabulary and movement activities to assist in learning in this theme. Younger classes may need to focus on more main body parts for permanency. 

Friday, July 3rd Dawning Point is closed in observance of Independence Day!

Tuition Options During COVID-19

As a management team, we have been asked to hold student spots. Many new families are inquiring and many current families want a guarantee that there will be immediate care available when the various “shelter in place” orders are lifted and parents are required to go back to work. After careful review of what others in the industry are doing, what we need as a small business along with what we feel is fair, we have come up with some different options.

Parents may choose to do ANY of the following:

  1. Give a two-week’s notice that your child will be withdrawing. If your child returns within 4 weeks of the dis-enrollment date- they will not be charged a re-registration fee. The ability to return to care will be on the basis of space and staff availability.  While space should not be a problem-it will be first come, first serve.  If this 2-week contract is breached, we cannot guarantee a spot and re-enrollment for your child back into our program.
  2. Continue to remit half your normal weekly tuition while your child is absent. These families may return at anytime without question. We just ask that you inform us as soon as possible so that we can staff accordingly.  There will be no registration fees, no question of space or staffing- as their “spot” is being held for the duration of the shelter in place orders. Upon their return, normal tuition rates will resume.
  3. Remit normal tuition with the gift of one additional full vacation week, with the ability to use later this year and also a freeze on any tuition increases for the next 2020-2021 academic school year. These families may return at any time without question. There will be no registration fees, no question of space or staffing- as their “spot” is being held for the duration of the shelter in place orders.

Please email dp.schoolacctsmanager@gmail.com to elect an option or ask any additional questions.

Please remember we are a small independently-owned business with no corporate financial covering. We diligently strive to provide love and care for your children every day along with a safe environment. We are now trying to be able to weather this difficult period and appreciate your cooperation and support while doing so. Thank you so much!


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To all current and prospective families: For more specific information regarding COVID-19 please reference the April newsletter, use the “Contact Us” tab, or email us at dawningpointowner@gmail.com or dp.schoolaactsmanager@gmail.com and specify the center location you are inquiring about. We hope that everyone stays healthy during this time!