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Tuition & Fees

CLICK HERE to download our Tuition Auto-Draft Form

Our complete auto-draft tuition form is required for enrollment.

Please call either of our locations for quotes and pricing on your family’s weekly rate. Tuition can be charged weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Tuition is run the Thursday before the week, two weeks, or month of care. Tuition is charged regardless of attendance unless vacation time is being redeemed. In addition to the first week of tuition, in order to secure enrollment, a registration and curriculum fee will be remitted depending on the age of the students enrolled. Please review our Financial Contract Form carefully.

We are happy to discuss tuition further or answer any other questions you may have during your tour!

To all current and prospective families: For more specific information regarding COVID-19 please reference the April newsletter, use the “Contact Us” tab, or email us at dawningpointowner@gmail.com or dp.schoolaactsmanager@gmail.com and specify the center location you are inquiring about. We hope that everyone stays healthy during this time!